Spaxrox is a not for profit organisation promoting live music performance and listening for all. Events are usually the first Friday of each month with a few breaks in the holiday seasons. It's fun and it beats doing it with a plastic guitar in front of the telly 
All are welcome, you can just turn up on the night or better still - contact us before and we can discuss any equipment needs or work out band backing. 
who should come? 
Singers - Soloists - Bands - Jammers - pluckers - Listeners 
with all your mates - muso's - hecklers - and family 
what do you need? 
Just you, maybe your voice, maybe your guitar or instrument, bit of bottle 
what's provided? 
Full PA with up to 4 x vocal mics and decent foldback 
Bass and guitar amps, tuners (if its gone out since you bought it) 
Guitars and loads of other stuff - see the equipment list here 
Backing band - Bass, Drums, Guitar, Sax etc - meet the house band 
Cool Lighting and a Bar! 
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Singing with your friends in the front room 
Practising in front of the bedroom mirror 
A fantastic performance from J&T on 4th June 2011 
Just a flavour of what to expect 
next event 
spaxton village hall - Friday 5th June 8:00 p.m. 
Earliest doors 7:30 p.m. (no advance booking!) 
You know you want to come out to play! 
What to do on the night for a slot 
Things get going from 20:00 so its good to get there early to book a slot, they can go fast! 
Find the big Drywipe board and write your name in an empty time. 
Find a stage crew member and have a quick chat about what you need. Questions will be -  
How many performers? What instruments? How many vocals?, Do you have a 'jack out' on your instrument? Do you want to sit or stand? etc. Ask anything you like now. Make sure if your guitar takes a 9v batt that its a goodun! 
Get ready to come up while the act before is on - that means tune up and have all your stuff. You don't need leads and you only need an amp if you really must use your own. 
Come up when its your turn and get 'plugged in'  
Get introduced and enjoy yourself, 
When finished PLEASE WAIT on stage to be unplugged! (no wondering off still attached) 
If you would like some of the house band to play along just let us know, we can add drums, bass, guitar, sax, what ever you fancy. Even better to give us a heads up in advance of the material 
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